1. What time is check-in and check-out?

    • Standard check-in is 2PM; check-out is 12NN for Villa accommodation.

    • For Glamping, check-in is 3PM; check-out is 1PM. 

  2. What is the resort’s operating hours?

    • Nayomi Resort is open from 8AM to 5PM.

  3. What are your room rates? What are the inclusions?

    • You can check our room rates here.

  4. How can I make a complete reservation?

    • Just select your chosen booking dates at the home page or accommodation page then select the room type. Make sure to input the correct details. You can settle your payment via manual bank deposit or online fund transfer and credit card at the checkout page (powered by Paypal).

  5. What are your payment options?

    • You can settle your payment via manual bank deposit or online fund transfer or major credit cards at the checkout page (powered by Paypal).

    • For Paypal payment, please be informed  that there is a transaction fee on top of the total amount per transaction (charge is non-refundable). Paypal will also automatically charge you the 100% of the total amount.

    • 50% downpayment is required using offline payment.

  6. How many persons are allowed per room? How much for additional heads?

    • Maximum capacity per room varies. You can check the room here.

  7. How can we go to the resort from Manila?

    • For Commuting instructions, click here.

  8. Do you provide towels and/or toiletries?

    • Vanity kits (shampoo, conditioner and soap) are provided for 2 persons only. (For Villa accommodation only) *Additional kits are available for purchase at the front desk.

  9. Do you honor discounts for PWD or Senior Citizen guest/s?

    • Nayomi Resort is compliant to RA 10754 – An Act Expanding The Benefits And Priviledges Of Persons With Disability (PWD). PWD and Senior Citizens discount of 20% can be availed.

    • ID bearers must be present upon check-in for verification purposes otherwise, discount is VOID.

  10. Who can we call/contact when we arrived at the resort?

    • Our receptionist Ms. Len Zara is the official contact person at the resort.

  11. After checked-in, will there be a resort staff to assist us going to our rooms/tents?

    • Assited by a Nayomi staff, the use of golf cart is available upon check-in and check-out only.

  12. Are we allowed to cook or bring outside food?

    • No. Bringing of outside food is strictly not allowed in the resort.

  13. Are we allowed to drink liquors inside the room?

    • No.

  14. Is the Glamping Tent air-conditioned?

    • No. We provide industrial fan per glamping tent. We want our guests to feel a real camping experience.

  15. Do you have an emergency/first aid station in case of accidents?

    • Yes. First Aid and/or emergency kit is available at the front desk.

  16. What are your available activities?

    • For kids, we have the kiddie park near the Anahaw Restaurant. We have bonfire at night after dinner time. Guests can have additional orders for S’mores. Following the bonfire is our movie night. Movies for preview are selected by Team Nayomi. If there is an unavoidable change of weather, Bonfire and Movie Night can be suspended. Re-schedule is not guaranteed.

  17. Do you have in-house facilitators? (For activities/team building)

    • Yes.

  18. Can we request for room/tent decorations? (For clients who will book for a certain event such as birthdays, anniversaries etc.)

    • No. We just want to avoid property damage/s inside the rooms and tents.

  19. What food does your restaurant offer? What are the rates?

    • For Anahaw Restaurant Menu, click here.

  20. If we avail the day tour, will there be an available place or spot to stay?

    • Tables and chairs are provided near the Anahaw Pool area.